floculate sounds like copulate

September 9, 2008

You know it’s true.  What it actually means is for like soils to coalesce.  It’s a term used by those plant studying people.  But it is also the title of a new side project to test my physics engine as an independent library (as opposed to part of Rampancy Engine.)  That is, Floculation.  Basically it will be an action physics based game, taking place in some arena area where the point is to stick all the like items together.  Now this will be 2D, so it won’t take an incredibly long time for this project, but I want it to be fun, stable, and fast.  So I’ll be using OpenGL, RAT Physics, (my physics engine,) and a GNU 99 C implementation.  Because this is an application, I don’t need a highly compatible version of C like pure ANSI or C89.  Windows and Linux will be my target platforms like always.  In the meantime, I have a couple of screenshots of the physics engine’s testbed if you wonder what that looks like.




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