omfg openal is t3h r0xx0rz

September 12, 2008

So, I obviously want audio in this project.  I looked no further than OpenAL, where I said ‘yay!’ in a peircing girlie shreik.  It was quite unorthodox for me, and have to say it was rather embarrasing.  Anyway, it’s a beautiful API, modeled much like the OpenGL API.  This is what I will be using for audio.  For sound samples themselves I’m thinking of going with either OGG vorbis or FLAC.  I know FLAC is lossless but I don’t know how much bigger it is if at all.  I’ll be doing tests.  Either way, OpenAL is my output solution.

Also, I’ve given some thought as to what this game should feel like.  Remember how fl0w looked?  That’s the kind of look I’m going for.  Clean lines, deep blues, etherial glowie times.

More later.  For now, I’m working on audio.  The visuals will require almost no textures, as they will be primitive based, aside from the fonts of course, which I’ve taken care of.  The etherial glow later wil be give by two possible methods:  for non-shader people, we will render to a texture smaller than the screen resolution, and then add blend it in at an alpha of about 0.2.  I’ve done this before.  For GPU program graphics types, we’ll simply do a fragment program that blooms the line graphics.  Or, you can just turn it off.  THIS IS THE PLAN.  Hoo-hah.

Back to work for me.


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