dynamic text affectors

September 14, 2008

Still working on fancy text rendering.  I have my basic rendering down, but also have a counter in place to iterate text effects.  Then, each string has an initial offset (added to the main counter) to keep strings from all being at the same point in their effects.  On top of that, there’s a per character counter within the draw loop as well, that allows you to offset the effect point for each character to create things like traveling waves in text.  I’m thinking of writing an affector object with a primary counter callback, a per-char counter callback, a string transform callback, and a per-char transform callback.

So, I’m basically just working on this for now.  The menus will be done as soon as I have the font system standardized, I guess you could call it.  I’ll be leaving it as is for now to work on the hub.  I’ll show both together depending on how important the fancy text becomes in the menus.


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