new educational page

September 18, 2008

This is a blog about programming and technology and stuff.  Music and art may come up occasionally, but that’s not really the focus.  Therefore I must not only make an ass of myself by ranting at the world from a pathetic blog, I must also be USEFUL.  So, I’ve decided to keep a seires of pages about various programming topics on here.  I’ve just finished my first.  It’s on spheres, and how to render them without resorting to the dreaded longitude/latitude fiasco.  I give an approach which was detailed in the OpenGL Red Book, but for some reason, no sample that I know of was given.  None that was simple and easy anyway, as everyone is confused about how to do it.  So I did a page with a simple source sample that’s very self explanitory using OpenGL to draw these suckers.  I also went in to a fairly complicated and deep discussion of why latitude and longitude are not only an inefficient rendering approach, but that they are also skewed (which is what makes them inefficient for rendering) and an obsolete coordinate system in general.  Spherical geometry must be used for newer coordinate systems.  Then I explain great circles and how they can be used to… blah blah blah… hull… blah… just read it.  😛


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