slumpage and the horrible economy

October 2, 2008

Well, I’m in another depression slump.  One of the major reasons is that I just found proof of a nastiness in the government I’ve suspected for a while.  This whole 700b USD bailout is not because of bad loans leading to foreclosures, I suddenly figured out where it came from: super leveraging.  In 80’s and 90’s we had a lot of ‘redlining’ which really boiled down to using rediculous leverages of like 300 to 1 in real estate and lending deals and then spinning off a billion dollar establishment, selling it, and netting the profits.  Everyone thinks they gained money, but who’s going to write the checks?  Well, it’s really not possible to keep it up, because all those stock options have to be backed by assets or profits of some kind.  But it turned out that none of this was seriously solvent.  So now that their greed has finally ruined the global economy by netting all the cash and making all the world’s assets worthless, the ones who set this up are just staying cool ’till they get their bailout, while the rest of us mundanes wait in bread lines.  I am of course referring to the Federal Reserve, which is actually a private company.  The word federal itself has fooled many americans, but look at FedEx.  They’re about as federal as Bank of America.  But it’s been run by a lot of money lenders over the years it’s been systematically ripping America off, including the Rockefellers.  They were partly to blame for the Great Depression too, as they set up a similar situation as this, (they started a rumor about a bank that went down but really didn’t.  It caused widespread panic and everyone tried to save their wealth by taking it out, and the result was a ruined economy for everyone except the already obscenely rich) but this time, the Fed has been in on it the whole way.  Here’s how: they are the only people left in the country who have cold hard gold peices.  They lend the US Treasury money for everything, which can only speak for T-bills and dollar bills.  This can only lead to an increasing debt behind the scenes, making the owners of the Fed richer and richer all the time.  That’s something of a ‘gotcha,’ so I’ll explain what they did.  Essentially, they made it pretty much mandatory to use leverages in order to succeed through market policy.  Now, all they have to do is lend a new installment of money to their rich yes-men, and since they can easily make debt ‘go away’ when they really want to, they can keep this scheme up for ever.  Hey it’s the world’s biggest pyramid scheme, how depressing.



  1. Yeah, right on.

    Well, I don’t really know much about economy stuff (I admit, I don’t understand it. That’s not the right word, I just don’t have much passion for it; i.e. never really study it), and especially when I’m talking with these economy people, they spout off a bunch of economy gibberish that I don’t understand…

    But, to me, it’s like, these guys (the FED) PRINTS a bunch of money out of thin air, lend it to banks, whom out from this nothingness multiplies it by 10! So nothing times 10 is nothing right, but really it is 10 times of paper, that we use as money (which is backed by thin air). All the while we are getting shafted by the FED who charges an interest rate on nothing!!! But I really don’t understand it very well, so I don’t know whether I’m right or just ignorant. So the consipracy goes, the FED (thus the international bankers behind them. Watch money masters) can control the cycle of control and bust, by controlling the issuance of money. They inject money (i.e. creating a bunch of money with whatever method) to create a boom, then they tighten money to cause the bust. Thus profiting from this perpetual cycle of boom/bust.

    But what I do see is that, these elitists guys were the one directly profiting off all the large amounts of cash, created leading up to the crisis; they used these worthless ‘fake’ money to buy up all the real assets, and now is leaving us holding the bag.

    Did you know many major corporations has already moved out of the U.S., such as Halliburton. Did you know Dick Cheney already moved most of his assets to Dubai! Freaking Dubai of all places. They are simply washing their hands clean of this mess, the mess they created. We’ve been robbed.

    But scary thing is, most people are still asleep… they don’t really care about any of this. Is like the tsunami is coming, some people are finally awake and is seeing the waves, but so many more are still trapped in the matrix, like freaking still glued to the brain-washing media (I enjoy a movie as much as the next person. But do we need to know what paris hilton did last week?), completely oblivious to everything.

    There are other ‘conspiracy theories’ that I’m into, such as 9/11, the NWO, etc… Well, most of my friends are all ‘awaken,’ and we all pretty much have the same beliefs. Perhaps we are all just fools…One thing I do know is that I’m careful about who I discuss these issues with (in real life.), due to the stigmata attached. You do not want any potential employers to have these sorts of biases, against you.

    Geez, I just wrote a bunch of stuff. Hope it makes some sense.

  2. Another thing, is like the guys who created the mess gets rewarded from creating it in tune of 700 Billion!

  3. Well, yeah. They’re supposed to get rewarded, that’s the way this pyramid scheme works. Who better to launder money than the source of money itself? They hold the keys and they alone can decide what ‘money’ is. They could go and tell us that paper money and coinage is no longer ‘legal tender’ and what could we do about this? NOTHING. Like you said, they’re the only ones with real assets. Everything else is essentially play money, because if the system were to collapse right now, it would be worth NOTHING. The only reason these sheets of paper buy us anything is because the law says so.

  4. You beat me to the punch i was going to say that. The world’s economy has been screwed since the gold standard was replaced by the “concept” of fiat currency which is as you said, only gets us anything cause the law says so.

  5. amen dude.

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