super article update time and WOG

October 5, 2008

thundercats yay snerf snerf snerf snerf o-lion-o!

no, no, no, NO, NO!  no.  NO.  no…


thundercats FAIL.

but they’re funny, so you can’t really hate them.  bawwww conk.

But the reason I’m posting is that I just updated the FreeType article with better code boxes plus proper vertical placement, a big thing I missed the first time like a total idiot!  The FreeType font article is already updated, will fix the code boxes on the others next.

WOG, that is to say, WORLD OF FUCKING AWESOME GOO, or for the uninitiated, World of Goo.  And it is COMING OUT on OCTOBER 13.  Yayuh.  If you pre-ordered, guess what, they send you a download link on the 6th.  Which means awesome times come sooner.


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