crazy sprinkler lady is a sad thing

October 6, 2008

As people who read this blog know, I know about a couple of conspiracies: the RFID Chip Based NWO and the Fed Pyramid Scheme.  These are the only two honestly well researched and logically based conspiracies, and there is a high probability that both are true.  They also work sociologically and mathematically, with game theory, system theory, economics, and terror management theory.

So, I ran across the Crazy Sprinkler Lady, infamous for her pathetic video about how rainbows forming in sprinklers is proof of awful things in the water supply. GIVE ME A BREAK.  She thinks magnetic fields carry e-coli, and that the moon is a fake because she doesn’t understand ambient lighting or halo effects.  Also, she confuses sound waves with radio waves, thinks that electricity is impossible without a fucking ground wire and therefore wireless devices have some kind of special energy linked to all kinds of insane conspiracies.  She has inner ear problems and thinks someone is rocking her house with ‘special’ waves because the world seems to rock for her and she falls over a lot.

I am a highly scientific person with an IQ of over 130, last time I tested it was 137.  I collect data and analyze it in as unbiased a way as possible.  There is some real shit going down behind the scenes and knowing about it is quite satisfying.  You have to know where to look.  Like the RFID chip business with Real ID and the unsuccessful attempt to introduce them after 9/11 in to humans directly.  Not only that but in plain sight in the mainstream too, remember the whole implant chip thing?  To keep you safe?  Funny.  There’s a lot more I could go in to.  And there is hard evidence there to back everything up CSI style, correlations and all.

I don’t think everyone is involved, that’s just paranoid.  We are looking at a small elite who are drunk with power given their political connections and ability to work the system with cold hard cash.  They work the system to make billions, like right now in the US market, (US$700 billion yo,) the same way the little people can work the system to get what they want out of it on a small scale, like cheating on taxes.

But she is so paranoid, so inept, so ignorant, and so obviously delusional, that I feel honestly sorry for her.  Watching the videos almost made me cry.  She needs to get to a mental institution before she hurts herself or someone else.  The amount of fear this woman lives in needlessly, and really the danger she is to everyone around her, is unacceptable.  This is why the New Deal’s mental hospitals should never have been dismantled.  We have people like this out there suffering and being a danger to everyone.

This has made me realize why people dismiss the well researched and deeply intelligent conspiracies without second thought.  Our accurate information and solid logic in very specific theories (remember that in science, a theory is not hunch, but a well researched idea) is watered down by millions of dolts who think magnetic fields can carry bacteria.  They never get to the cream on top, because they start at the bottom with the wildly paranoid and unscientific speculation.

Crazy Sprinkler Lady: PLEASE.  Get help, and get educated.  You have to understand natural phenomena before you can decide what’s natural.  She appears to have read a few scientific words and thinks she is a bright researcher.  She uses all these natural phenomenon related words in the wrong places and clearly understands none of them.  It’s a miracle she can use a computer and make videos.

Search crazy sprinkler lady and see for yourself.  It should take you right to the sprinkler rainbows video on Google.  (probably yahoo too, but they use tags and meta only, no page-rank, so you never know)


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