physics stuff

October 9, 2008

Well, I’m back to work on physics.  I’m basically cleaning up all memory problems, and there are a few.  I’ll post again when I have some results for you.  🙂

Also, sorry for not doing any programming lately.  I’ve been kinda wrapped up in mental health issues, not to mention the presidential election.  Mental health issues here are mostly caused by it being the fucking end of civilization.  I mean, we’ve had a depression before, but the flood of doom is impending from melting ice caps.  The air is unbreathable and McSame wants to drill in a fragile tundra wildlife reserve, not to mention if he croaks we have Sarah “I’m a mavrick you betcha wowzers alrighty bimbo pants” Palin to contend with.  The Dan Quayle of our time, but even dumber.

If we keep damaging the planet, it will die, and we will too.  We grow our crops, breathe our air, and live our lives right here on this planet.  It’s like we’re burning our own house.

I haven’t forgotten about posting my guitar tabs for Unified System either, I just don’t know how on WordPress.


One comment

  1. Yeah bummer…

    Stuff getting KraZy.

    But I… I go on living like an oblivious fool… The world can goto hell in a handbasket, but at least I’m enjoying the ride…For now.

    I got find job soon… LOL.

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