aspergers + adhd = omg problems

December 17, 2008

That’s the second half of the puzzle!  I am definitely an Asperger’s according to my shrink.  I wasn’t told earlier because it might ‘disturb’ me.  This gives me the feeling that nobody knows anything about me, primarily because I have ALWAYS felt better knowing everything about everything.  Here I am wondering why I’m such a freak, then suddenly: “oh, well, you know, you’re like Asperger’s and stuff but we decided not to tell you a long time ago because it might make you feel bad.”  Ooooooh, well thanks for telling me in such direct and punctual fashion, jerks.

Right.  Last time I checked, ignorance is terror not bliss.  How do you think the Iraq and 9/11 coup worked so well?

Well, shucks, it looks like those ‘terrorists’ have attacked us.  No, don’t suspect us or anything.  No, those completely incriminating pictures can be explained away by *not* fabricated science.   Look at this will you?  It totally vaporized!  That explains why the ‘passports’ and ‘DNA evidence’ survived.  Hey, shut up.  Obviously we have to attack those, um, al-Qaeda fiends responsible.  Also, everything ever is linked to al-Qaeda, so let’s just bomb them all!  No, it has nothing to do with oil or world domination, don’t be ridiculous.  Pffft.

I’m thinking of putting a personality badge up everywhere, it’s somehow a comfortable way of communicating my strangeness.  The one produced by the tests at mypersonality.info.  I got “Logical, Musical, INTP, Engineer, Intellectual”.

So, as for the HDR demo, HDR won’t be officially implemented until the scene manager exists.  This was done using the raw utility available on my renderer class, and some shaders.

What’s next?  Probably D3D9 support, and a more flexible vertex buffer.  That is to say: I will allow them to select static or streamed mode (for now it is always static.)  I must quit for tonight, I’m dead tired.  I need to catch up on sleep, as my talk is at long last finally here!  THURSDAY WE WILL ROCK THE HOUSE WITH GEEKERY BITCH.  Other talks include the ongoing Othello networked game program, the Python scriptable AI of the Othello program, the new ZFS filesystem compared and contrasted with the EXT filesystem, and lastly, something about internet security design and issues.  Should all be cool and baller and awesome.

Until next time, I will tear the flesh from your bones bc I zombie4life bitches!!!11!!



  1. My son is 8 with aspergers. I have posted a post on my site called Time to tell. http://aspergersinfo.wordpress.com
    Im a little confussed. When did you find this out? and how long has it been kept from you?
    When do you think its time to tell? I did not want my son growing up thinking why am i like this? It’s a hard thing to tell somebody you love but as i told my son its just a name his still Giovanni my wonderful boy. I LOVE HIM AS HE IS. The world would be boring if we were all the same.

  2. Asperger’s should be revealed immediately in my humble opinion. It is not a weakness. It is the next evolution of humanity’s mind. There will come a day when we are all intellectuals, working to build the world bigger, not destroy it. There is a silent power in understanding, and this is why Asperger’s almost always wind up becoming professors or scientists of one brand or another. When you are completely or almost completely right hemisphere brained, you are not encumbered by worthless politics and the exchange of empty data packets therein. Until Asperger’s, and the advantage of the focused scientific mind it brings was explained, I felt like a freak. I figured out my mind was powerful on the science side long ago, but to have this label placed on me has made me more comfortable, not less, because I feel like it will help the world understand the way I am, like why I suck at all things social in an increasingly hostile political society. They all say, “well he’s Asperger’s he just has a problem with that,” not “he’s just like that because he’s stupid.” You did the right thing in telling him, because it will help the world know him better.

    Don’t worry about it being withheld from me. For a long time I was assumed to be ADHD, but as my social difficulties grew more of a concern, my parents/shrink looked at other possibilities. It became obvious eventually that I’m textbook Asperger’s (aside from being unusually dexterous, even for a normal person.) They didn’t want to tell me, and really it was out of compassion, but also showed lack of understanding. I was always very tormented, and not terribly open about it. Telling me this early would have eased a burden for my mind long ago, but the way they saw it, it would add one for me. They didn’t understand that my real burden was not knowing.

    So, my advice to parents of all children with Asperger’s is tell and explain early, before society crushes them. And it will crush if they aren’t prepared, as it did me. TELL.

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