cs lab ho!

December 18, 2008

I’m currently up in the CS lab. I got my physics test running on their machines. I have the Ubuntu portion of my laptop working with their smart boards. I am now in complete control of this galaxy! Or not.

But man, I’m psyched! This is it, man! 13:00 I’m giving my talk. Then I’m watching several others, including the Othello game presentations.

The CS students are in here freaking out because everything in Othello suddenly broke down, and fixing all kinds of weird crashes related to timing and the AI scripts. T_T But it’s quite amusing. It doesn’t suck as bad as it could, but I’m sitting here all smug because all my stuff works just fine. hehe… šŸ˜€


One comment

  1. Thats probably cause you’ve been prepping this thing for ages šŸ™‚
    Now go rock that place!

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