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non sleep forever lawls

December 21, 2008

I feel very sleepy. But I can’t fall asleep. It’s 2:30 in the morning, because that’s how I roll. BLLAAAARRRGHGH.

I’m not to sure why I started this post, except that I’m idle while I fail at sleep. In the meantime, if you don’t think this whole comic is kickass, there’s something way too ungeeky about you for me.


good times were had

December 19, 2008

Several presentations were given. One on the fact that people don’t give a shit about online security because they’re irrational and shortsighted, all they want is convenience. So if you’re planning on being an evil business man, don’t bother with online store security. I should have known.

Then the new ZFS file system by Sun for virtual server storage was presented, and compared to EXT3. I actually learned a lot from that presentation, like how RAID is used in parity checking. Also, the ZFS file system actually just uses a data pool for all drives and volumes (making volumes a thing of the past) managed by the ZIF I/O system, which is integrated with the actual partition manager. Partitions become invisible and irrelevant, and all the super blocks are managed by “uber blocks”. It’s all very interesting, JFGI.

I totally awesomified everything with the physics presentation. I feel like…. really good. It went really smoothly. Interesting because I had a nervous breakdown right beforehand and fucking puked. In the bathroom, but I do have a horrible fear of public speaking.

But then the Othello game team presented, and they were actually really good. The most amazing of the AI scripts shown by the advanced non-linear algorithms class was the one by Iain. It took the game timer and computed how many seconds it has to make this move (realistic approximation) then spends exactly that amount of time. It does a possible moves benefit/penalty difference tree search, but to speed it up it does alpha beta pruning to remove sub trees with first layer search expensive nodes to within a certain tolerance (each new layer search given the most promising avenues in Layman’s terms.) The result is a beautifully executed compromise between the fastest computed and most predictive model, where for each new search layer moves are eliminated until the best is given or time runs out in which case the best of the moves so far in the search is used. This means that the longer it is given, the better the move it will make, but because it is entirely scalable to time as it is ACTIVELY AWARE of time, it will always make a move at least one layer of predictive strategy deep, but ALMOST ALWAYS MORE.

Yeah. Fucking genius. It beat EVERYONE, and their relatively puny AI programs.

So, yeah, I would say that I may have been the highlight, but it was hard to to Iain’s AI program. I was blown away.


Then, we headed down to Eric’s Aaron’s house (I don’t have their names down yet blargh!) and played rock band for a while. I got to sing Metallica lol. After a while we went to a dinner with Dr. Liow and some other professors I don’t know, Chinese food for all! It was pretty sweet. We talked about how awesome Chrono Trigger is and why A* is still quite often the best pathfinder if you prune the search properly for large maps with area zoning. Also, there was some discussion as to why romance novels are low grade girl porn, and agreed to have another AI face off. Plus there was specifically Colombian coffee at the place, that is my favorite variety! It was all around awesome. Then on the way home we were almost killed in an accident because of the freezing rain. But we didn’t hit anybody or vice-versa. We DID do some awesome donuts though.


cs lab ho!

December 18, 2008

I’m currently up in the CS lab. I got my physics test running on their machines. I have the Ubuntu portion of my laptop working with their smart boards. I am now in complete control of this galaxy! Or not.

But man, I’m psyched! This is it, man! 13:00 I’m giving my talk. Then I’m watching several others, including the Othello game presentations.

The CS students are in here freaking out because everything in Othello suddenly broke down, and fixing all kinds of weird crashes related to timing and the AI scripts. T_T But it’s quite amusing. It doesn’t suck as bad as it could, but I’m sitting here all smug because all my stuff works just fine. hehe… 😀


aspergers + adhd = omg problems

December 17, 2008

That’s the second half of the puzzle!  I am definitely an Asperger’s according to my shrink.  I wasn’t told earlier because it might ‘disturb’ me.  This gives me the feeling that nobody knows anything about me, primarily because I have ALWAYS felt better knowing everything about everything.  Here I am wondering why I’m such a freak, then suddenly: “oh, well, you know, you’re like Asperger’s and stuff but we decided not to tell you a long time ago because it might make you feel bad.”  Ooooooh, well thanks for telling me in such direct and punctual fashion, jerks.

Right.  Last time I checked, ignorance is terror not bliss.  How do you think the Iraq and 9/11 coup worked so well?

Well, shucks, it looks like those ‘terrorists’ have attacked us.  No, don’t suspect us or anything.  No, those completely incriminating pictures can be explained away by *not* fabricated science.   Look at this will you?  It totally vaporized!  That explains why the ‘passports’ and ‘DNA evidence’ survived.  Hey, shut up.  Obviously we have to attack those, um, al-Qaeda fiends responsible.  Also, everything ever is linked to al-Qaeda, so let’s just bomb them all!  No, it has nothing to do with oil or world domination, don’t be ridiculous.  Pffft.

I’m thinking of putting a personality badge up everywhere, it’s somehow a comfortable way of communicating my strangeness.  The one produced by the tests at  I got “Logical, Musical, INTP, Engineer, Intellectual”.

So, as for the HDR demo, HDR won’t be officially implemented until the scene manager exists.  This was done using the raw utility available on my renderer class, and some shaders.

What’s next?  Probably D3D9 support, and a more flexible vertex buffer.  That is to say: I will allow them to select static or streamed mode (for now it is always static.)  I must quit for tonight, I’m dead tired.  I need to catch up on sleep, as my talk is at long last finally here!  THURSDAY WE WILL ROCK THE HOUSE WITH GEEKERY BITCH.  Other talks include the ongoing Othello networked game program, the Python scriptable AI of the Othello program, the new ZFS filesystem compared and contrasted with the EXT filesystem, and lastly, something about internet security design and issues.  Should all be cool and baller and awesome.

Until next time, I will tear the flesh from your bones bc I zombie4life bitches!!!11!!


straight up hdr for shizzle

December 15, 2008

Here’s one I came up with this morning: reality is to the mind as television is to the eyes.   Oh man, I know that shit was too deep for you.  Sucker.  Seriously though, ponder that.  You should read about the psychological registers of reality.

Yeah. Yeah. I’ve got this HDR under control. The test app is kinda hacked together, but that’s okay, when I add the option to the scene manager to turn HDR on/off, it will be much better. But there is a totally balling video (oh yeah, I said balling. I went there. Yep. Oh. Yes.) on ye grande olde intarwebs, and it may be enjoyed via eyeballs at the location below this text type symbol cluster. Hya!

There is a text line in the video (a bit blurred by compression sorry for quality) that should say when HDR is enabled and when it isn’t. It’s exaggerated for this example, but will be done in more moderation for a game. It shows non HDR first and at the very end so you can compare.

It really adds to the feeling of being extremely bright!  But, unlike in many games, to be truly convincing it must be used IN MODERATION.  I can’t stress this enough.  And while I bash over-use of bloom,  I might as well point out that not everything in the whole world is gloss shiny.  Especially not dirt.  Seriously, just because it’s a new graphics technique doesn’t mean you have to use it on everything.  The only one that counts for is multisampling.  That DOES make everything look better.


halflifin’ it! aaand HDR?

December 13, 2008

Yeah, I’m playin’ HL2.  HL2: ep1.  HL2: ep2.  YAAAAAHHOOOOO!  It runs on the laptop!  This is why I’ve dropped off the grid the past few days.  It was pretty cool.  Still waiting for HL2:ep2 to download though.  256Kb connection lol.

RIGHT-O.  So I’ve also been playing with the idea of HDR, and it’s not that hard!  I’ve gotten my engine working with the following:

– vertex buffers (VBO OpenGL, FVF D3D9)

– render target textures (FBO OpenGL, ? D3D9)

– all the basics aside from this HW L&T, etc.

That’s all I need for HDR!  If the card supports floating point formats, you just render the scene to a float texture, then render that to another texture using a hi-pass filter.  Render that to yet another buffer with a gaussian blur filter, then render the original scene’s texture followed by the blurred hi-pass texture, with the result of bloomed over bright values!  Imma workin’ on it.


t3h engine project + games == omg no work

December 1, 2008

Seriously.  I have Portal on here now, and beat it, but it ate up like two days of work time.  And also Zombie Panic, that’s still killing time.  At least I don’t have TF2, or I’d never get anything done, ever.  EVAR  :B


I think the engine project could use some revival.  I like the code I have so far, and I still want to work on Floculate.  BY THE WAY OMFG I SPELLED IT WRONG BITCH.  It’s actually Flocculate.  And the word should be Flocculation.  Oh well.

But I want to revamp it to a certain extent.  Redo the system stuff for Win32/Linux, and less tacked on and more tied in properly support for stuff I plan to use like FBOs.  I also am strongly considering C++ for the Renderer.  The reason I am, is that it is far more flexible from a programming standpoint.

And all you people who are like “ur a devout C programmer omg thats liek total sellouting ur believes wtf!!1!”  Then I’m all “shut up foo!”  Seriously though.  C++ is appropriate in application settings.  Physics is C material.  All the necessary operations can be done in C, and it’s speed critical because it’s done on the CPU (by me anyway.)  It’s a necessity that it be as optimized as possible.  The same way OpenGL and DirectX were both written in C, because they are also optimized system level work.  But the USE of an optimized system level library like DirectX, OpenGL, or Rat Physics, is application work, and if it benefits greatly in terms of development from using C++, I’m down with that.

If you still don’t get the distinction, then either you weren’t a programmer and therefore that section is pointless to you, (you are pardoned non-programmers,) or you’re a dogmatic closed-minded jerk that doesn’t understand “circumstances” and their existence due to “dynamic reality.”  Seriously, take your fundamentalism somewhere else.  Once again, this only applies to the people screaming ‘hypocrite’ at me.  I know they exist, I know a few in person.

BTW, DirectX may be written in C++, we’ll never know.  It SHOULD be written in C.  I know it has a C interface anyway.

EDIT:  SUPER UPDATE TIME!  I now have a name for my engine, and it is made of recursive acronym GLORY!  RAVEN.  It means RAVEN Audio Video ENgine.  BRILLIANCE P0R W00T4G3!  Of course this is a part of Rampancy Engine.  The other part nearing completion is Rat Physics.  I also want to add more components, but that is for another time.