Continuum Engine

June 3, 2009

That’s the name I have for it now.  It’s a badass name, no?

Anyway, I’ve got 3demon engine working as a rendering engine for now, but I still hate the Irrlicht style shadows it uses.  It IS a branch of Irrlicht.  They’re just so… broken.  They don’t even have a consistent appearance across subsystems.  OpenGL has a different volume method from D3D9 in it.  I want something like OGRE, but I absolutely hate the way it’s organized.

Does anyone have an idea as to what I should do?  I don’t want to use my own rendering engine because I’d like the focus of this project to be on the game itself this time, not every little technical thing to support it.  I will give OGRE a shot, and if that’s how it has to be, so be it.  But do you absolutely HAVE to use the ReferenceApp layer?  That, I put to you, is TERRIBLE API design.


One comment

  1. No you don’t have to use the ReferenceApp layer. That’s just something they add to make life ‘easier’ I guess. I’ve only dabbled with OGRE, it can do really cool stuff. But that many layers of abstraction hurt my head.

    And that be a totally badass name 😉

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