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homeworld 2 like engine and other happenstance

May 27, 2009

So if you’ve never played Homeworld 2, then too bad for you because you missed out.  Big time.  That being said, when attempting a mod of it, I was immediately inspired by how unbelievably modular and streamlined it was.  It’s a space combat simulation with incredible levels of detail and realism, and it was modded in to a naval combat sim with the same level of detail, and graphics to make it look like it’s own game.  This is with no actual access to the engine source code.  So I’m like:  DAYUM SON.

I am attempting to create a modular engine of the likes.  You could also compare this engine to the Cortex Command engine, but CC is a totally different beast, because of it’s focus on pixel graphics and physics.

I’ve had one false start already, because I hadn’t thought the iterface through entirely.  Abstracting a camera as an actor makes sense, but only if you can unify it under the controller class, which would be a horrible mess.  Also, in order to get the root entity crap to work, and still have a new entity add itself to the singleton engine, I had to derive an otherwise worthless class to do this, in order to keep GetSingleton() from locking up the first time it’s called.

In other words, a disaster of bad code.  I’ve taken a few lessons in engine design away from it though, and I will start a new one, hopefully with less fail.  I’m drawing up a new inheritance tree right now.

And in terms of life, it’s being something of a bitch and something of a thing which is awesome.  I let slip about how I’m a rollercoaster of genetic disorders that will crash and burn before my time, and Travis just said, “well, we’ll make it a time ’till then, brother.”  Which I found extremely heart warming but also extremely sad.  Sigh.  It bugs me that I still can’t tell if I’ll be leaving anything behind, and it’s a loss for someone no matter what the case.

You should all check out Inhuman Comic, because it’s more baller than your mom’s genetalia.  OOOOO BURN.

That’s about it for now.


tesselation + travis’ b-day

February 23, 2009

Both are filled with good times.  My good man Travis turned 17 on Thursday.  Yesterday we had had a b-day party at Ian’s place, and it was a fucking good time is what it was.  I can’t handle big parties, I hate ’em, but it was really just a few close friends just hanging out.  Which is my favorite.  I can’t handle too many people, or else I do an Asperger’s freakout.  I played some guitar, explained some autonoma theory, talked about stuff, then got blitzed and turned in to a sentemental cartoon of a wino.  I’d say my +20 liver of steel diety level holy liquor containment was definitely called upon.  I rarely drink so much.  But anyway.  I also recorded some hilarious footage, but I was told posting it would be in bad taste, so no drunken antics for you.

But here are two pictures:

Travis recites a random Lord of the Rings passage to Cat in the spirit of awesome.

Travis recites a random Lord of the Rings passage to Cat in the spirit of awesome.


You know what else totally shreds?  Tesselation algorithms!  Check this shit out:

  1. Walk around loop and record all x and y values in respective lists.  O(n) [iterate through nodes and copy values to lists]
  2. Remove duplicate x and y values, treating the lists independently.  O(n) [iterate through lists, remove and continue only]
  3. Divide the space in to tiles using the x and y values from the nodes as seperate lists.  O(1) [create tile array]
  4. Scan the tiles left to right, top to bottom.  Anywhere possible: Grow a rectangle right and down for each iteration until as much space as possible is full.  Repeat until all scanned.  O(amortize(n))

Conclusion: this is a good-ass algorithm!  BAM!


epic viking swordfather stew + qix progress

February 9, 2009

So, I got back from Ian’s earlier today, and let me tell you.  Best time I’ve had in quite a long while.  We lit a fire in the backyard as evidenced in this terrible cellphone picture:



From left to right: Travis or Chris (can’t tell from this shitty picture), Cat, Caroline, and Ian.  Then, we made some kickass Viking stew for our kickass Viking selves, and we were filled with the passion of the swordfathers to once again pillage and burn!  But instead we just fell asleep in front of “Aliens”.

Also, as it turns out, Ian is quite a fine musician.  He offered to maybe jam with me sometime!  How cool is that?

But, hey!  Progress on Qix!  I will show you once I have the filled area tesselator working.  The movement and drawing and topology works perfectly, and all that remains is scoring and badguys.  Trucking RIGHT ALONG BITCHES!  🙂


plod along and learn things along the way

February 5, 2009

Well, I’m beginning to be a college insider, which is cool and all. I’m settling in to the routine. I have started making friends at an alarming rate. The person I thought died in me when I was maybe ten is coming back to life. Not really the same, maybe more mature, but definitely that person.

I was extremely sociable and kind to others as a small child, but at some point got beaten inward in to a pathetic recluse. Maybe the reversion is simply due to the fact that I no longer exist in what I perceive to be a hostile environment?

Regardless, it feels good, like the introverted dark reclusive Zen guy is integrating with my old personality, the happy nihilistic curious scientist. Put together I feel more complete than I have ever felt in my life. I think it is a good thing I have suffered so much, I would not have the perspective and scope that I do now otherwise.

What is happiness? Nothing special. I’m still not happy, and at this point I feel no inclination towards pursuing it. What I HAVE is contentment, something most people who think they are happy don’t really have. So I am grateful for that.

Now that I’m done being mister-life-story-bore-to-death-zomg-man here’s what I’m working on:

  • A clone of the Qix game. (assigned by Dr. Liow)
  • My book.
  • Concept drawings.
  • A general purpose topological graph program. (also assigned by Dr. Liow)
  • A sketchbook. (assigned by art appreciation)
  • An analytical history paper. (assigned by Dr. Karr)
  • A literature analysis paper. (assigned by Dr. Campbell)

Here’s something that’s freaking me out a bit… an art appreciation multi-choice test. I’m gonna have to CRAM that bitch. It’s just soooooo many stupid ass factoids with NO value! I already appreciate motherfucking art, I don’t need a million worthless discrete examples to confuse the matter. Whatever happened to pure enjoyment? Regardless, I feel like I’m somehow boned by this class. At least I still have a buffer, and I’m doing excellently in my other classes. *chkkkkt* over and out *chkkkkt*


first week at college + what parents have always done wrong

January 16, 2009

Well, it’s friday, and apparently I just went through a week of classes.

  • Programming: introductory course CISS240.  FUKKEN EASY.  Not even up to syntax yet, just basic form.
  • English composition: ENGL 101.  Interesting.  Has a lot of stuff on logic driven writing so far for arguments.
  • Western Civilization History: HIST 102.  A little interesting.  The professor is kind of obnoxious and arrogant though.
  • Art.  Appreciation.  FUCK.  THAT.  SHIT.  Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate art, but I DON’T appreciate being told how.  It was the only gen ed class I could take from my late registration, and I am NOT HAPPY WITH IT.

So far, I have found the atmosphere relaxing and enjoyable.  Mostly it is the fact that I’m not being hounded every step of the way about everything.  I actually have freedom.  And… hey guess what?  I’m doing fine!  I guess my problem WASN’T that I didn’t like learning.  Which I always have.  It’s that I hate authority, and prefer to deal with others as equals.  I shouldn’t be told what to do by teachers, and I shouldn’t disturb the teacher.  The cut ups in class and the tyrannical school system both disgusted me, but those days are over.

I can visit my professors to talk with them, and we kinda just chat and talk about classes and stuff.  They aren’t ever so superior acting, and this allows me to be comfortable.  And I therefore accomplish more and cause less trouble.  I’m willing to bet my nuts most kids cut up as much as they do because of the fact that they’ve lived with bosses and authorities their whole lives.  It is the only expression of freedom they have, and they must even so be separate from others to express it.

When I was little, my parents never told me what to do.  What they did was say “here’s what you should do, and here’s why.”  Small children absorb everything they are told, so it is just as effective, but motivates them internally by giving them a reason over a pathetic external threat.  I do what I do because I want to.  The trick is to get your kids to want to do the right thing.  The reason temptation has always been considered evil is because most people are shown evil from the start as the way to go.  Hit that kid and make him shut up!

I guess my point is that in a world in which we raise our children properly, there would no longer be authority, or at least not unfounded or nagging authority.  To hound someone every step of the way wears them raw.  To hurt someone and threaten to do it again if they do it wrong teaches them to avoid being hit.  So what if you aren’t there to hit them?  You can’t keep someone in line effectively if you make it dependent on something outside them.  The solution is to make good pleasant, not a hard thing, that you better fucking do you sinner!

See my point?  There is a satisfaction is serving the greater collective.  The self is an artificial construct, and once you realize this, you can define it however you want.  It goes from being I am me and they are the others to we are the sentients.  So to serve the greater collective is to serve the self all the same, but a greater one than you and you alone.  As they say “you get out of life what you put in to it.”


good times were had

December 19, 2008

Several presentations were given. One on the fact that people don’t give a shit about online security because they’re irrational and shortsighted, all they want is convenience. So if you’re planning on being an evil business man, don’t bother with online store security. I should have known.

Then the new ZFS file system by Sun for virtual server storage was presented, and compared to EXT3. I actually learned a lot from that presentation, like how RAID is used in parity checking. Also, the ZFS file system actually just uses a data pool for all drives and volumes (making volumes a thing of the past) managed by the ZIF I/O system, which is integrated with the actual partition manager. Partitions become invisible and irrelevant, and all the super blocks are managed by “uber blocks”. It’s all very interesting, JFGI.

I totally awesomified everything with the physics presentation. I feel like…. really good. It went really smoothly. Interesting because I had a nervous breakdown right beforehand and fucking puked. In the bathroom, but I do have a horrible fear of public speaking.

But then the Othello game team presented, and they were actually really good. The most amazing of the AI scripts shown by the advanced non-linear algorithms class was the one by Iain. It took the game timer and computed how many seconds it has to make this move (realistic approximation) then spends exactly that amount of time. It does a possible moves benefit/penalty difference tree search, but to speed it up it does alpha beta pruning to remove sub trees with first layer search expensive nodes to within a certain tolerance (each new layer search given the most promising avenues in Layman’s terms.) The result is a beautifully executed compromise between the fastest computed and most predictive model, where for each new search layer moves are eliminated until the best is given or time runs out in which case the best of the moves so far in the search is used. This means that the longer it is given, the better the move it will make, but because it is entirely scalable to time as it is ACTIVELY AWARE of time, it will always make a move at least one layer of predictive strategy deep, but ALMOST ALWAYS MORE.

Yeah. Fucking genius. It beat EVERYONE, and their relatively puny AI programs.

So, yeah, I would say that I may have been the highlight, but it was hard to to Iain’s AI program. I was blown away.


Then, we headed down to Eric’s Aaron’s house (I don’t have their names down yet blargh!) and played rock band for a while. I got to sing Metallica lol. After a while we went to a dinner with Dr. Liow and some other professors I don’t know, Chinese food for all! It was pretty sweet. We talked about how awesome Chrono Trigger is and why A* is still quite often the best pathfinder if you prune the search properly for large maps with area zoning. Also, there was some discussion as to why romance novels are low grade girl porn, and agreed to have another AI face off. Plus there was specifically Colombian coffee at the place, that is my favorite variety! It was all around awesome. Then on the way home we were almost killed in an accident because of the freezing rain. But we didn’t hit anybody or vice-versa. We DID do some awesome donuts though.


aspergers + adhd = omg problems

December 17, 2008

That’s the second half of the puzzle!  I am definitely an Asperger’s according to my shrink.  I wasn’t told earlier because it might ‘disturb’ me.  This gives me the feeling that nobody knows anything about me, primarily because I have ALWAYS felt better knowing everything about everything.  Here I am wondering why I’m such a freak, then suddenly: “oh, well, you know, you’re like Asperger’s and stuff but we decided not to tell you a long time ago because it might make you feel bad.”  Ooooooh, well thanks for telling me in such direct and punctual fashion, jerks.

Right.  Last time I checked, ignorance is terror not bliss.  How do you think the Iraq and 9/11 coup worked so well?

Well, shucks, it looks like those ‘terrorists’ have attacked us.  No, don’t suspect us or anything.  No, those completely incriminating pictures can be explained away by *not* fabricated science.   Look at this will you?  It totally vaporized!  That explains why the ‘passports’ and ‘DNA evidence’ survived.  Hey, shut up.  Obviously we have to attack those, um, al-Qaeda fiends responsible.  Also, everything ever is linked to al-Qaeda, so let’s just bomb them all!  No, it has nothing to do with oil or world domination, don’t be ridiculous.  Pffft.

I’m thinking of putting a personality badge up everywhere, it’s somehow a comfortable way of communicating my strangeness.  The one produced by the tests at  I got “Logical, Musical, INTP, Engineer, Intellectual”.

So, as for the HDR demo, HDR won’t be officially implemented until the scene manager exists.  This was done using the raw utility available on my renderer class, and some shaders.

What’s next?  Probably D3D9 support, and a more flexible vertex buffer.  That is to say: I will allow them to select static or streamed mode (for now it is always static.)  I must quit for tonight, I’m dead tired.  I need to catch up on sleep, as my talk is at long last finally here!  THURSDAY WE WILL ROCK THE HOUSE WITH GEEKERY BITCH.  Other talks include the ongoing Othello networked game program, the Python scriptable AI of the Othello program, the new ZFS filesystem compared and contrasted with the EXT filesystem, and lastly, something about internet security design and issues.  Should all be cool and baller and awesome.

Until next time, I will tear the flesh from your bones bc I zombie4life bitches!!!11!!