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interwebs are back! new laptop arrived! CAMERAS!

November 27, 2008


afk is a fairly disgusting statement.  It was coined by a friend who thought there should be texting abbreviation for anally fucking kittens.  He came up with it.  Not me.  Though it does make a great expletive.  gggrrrraaAAAHHH!  ANALLY FUCKING KITTENS, THIS SUCKS!  Packs a punch.

Now that I have full access to ye olde intarwebz0rz again, allow me to fill you in: my new laptop is here.  Yes here.  Not almost here, ACTUALLY HERE!  It runs Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid perfectly, and Windows Vista because if I take it off I’ll lose the software license.  Microsoft bitches.

I have tested my stuff under Vista though, and I was pleasantly surprised that it ran!  My code has always been very raw and portable, something I am very proud of.  It also runs on Ubuntu Intrepid just fine.  Actually, better than anywhere else, because this is an AMD64 (Athlon64X2) machine.  It came with 32-bit Windows, which makes no sense to me, it’s like putting two toilets in an apartment with only one ass.  But the Ubuntu half is full on 64-bit, and I have to say it’s a big improvement, especially since this baby is dual core.  Multitasking!  Also, the physics engine has a build now just for 64-bit GNU/Linux, available through both GNU Make and C::B projects.  It’s really fast on this machine, and this build is always double precision too, because of the 64 bittage!

Here’s a screenshot of the pyramid example running on the laptop:



Yeah.  Now look at the zooming in on the frame rate:



Okay, that’s about it.

But hey, webcam fun! 🙂  LOOOOKIIIT



Yes, the laptop has a webcam to.  Camgasm that’s awesome.

Oh, wait!  I’ve also just been messing around with shaders, because my laptop can actually handle this shit!  This is my phong lighting shader.  I have it split in to ambient and diffuse/specular passes, so that luminance occlusion multipass shadows can be easily integrated.  I’m working on a shadow mapper right now.  But anyway, last picture:


See all y’alls!


hard to blog in nirvana

November 14, 2008

So much good stuff has been happening to me at once.  I feel awesome!  I haven’t updated in a while for a coupla reasons that have been way too cool for me to care.

It looks like I’m actually going to CCIS this spring!  This is such a weight of uncertainly lifted off my mind.  For this reason, I will obtain a laptop.  Yes, a laptop.  My first new computer in ten years.  I’m all giddy!  I am such a performance and optimization wank; I wonder how crazy fast my code is going to run on there.  I’ll also have the power to implement one of my favorites, something I’ve never had the GPU to do before: GPU programs!  Fragment programs, vertex programs, even geometry programs!  This is really sweet.  Shader time.  My excuse for getting it was not empty, but in fact true: I will need a laptop in computer science.  This is very high end though, and will serve me for years to come.  Unless it breaks or gets stolen.  Let’s not even imagine that.  T_T

The other reason is that the whole CCIS talk thing is going forward!  I got a date set too.  Can’t remember it exactly now, this is why I have a schedule.  😛  It’s just before winter break, on Thursday.  December something.  This is when attendance will be highest for the talks in general, so I’ll get a very large crowd, all of them computer scientists or geeks in some way… wow.

When I got the first email on it, I seriously thought I was being fucking punk’d.  This is the first really good thing that’s happened to me in my whole life, aside from my meager group of friends who probably have no idea they are the reason I am not dead in the bathtub.  I thought I was luckier than usual when my mom let me go back to seeing my shrink after I left highschool in order to regroup.  My sanity hung by a thread then.  But now the funeral dirge is over, failed childhood fuck off, it’s time for a sweet-ass talk on physics!

Boy am I pumped.  I sure hope this goes well.  I feel it man, I feel the momentum building.  This could be the beginning of a much less hopeless and miserable chapter of my life!

Here also is Circus Maximus, the prog band I just discovered.  They are the definition of full-on prog wankery mixed with subtle and powerful meaning in real music.  They blend function with form almost as perfectly as Opeth themselves I daresay!