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first week at college + what parents have always done wrong

January 16, 2009

Well, it’s friday, and apparently I just went through a week of classes.

  • Programming: introductory course CISS240.  FUKKEN EASY.  Not even up to syntax yet, just basic form.
  • English composition: ENGL 101.  Interesting.  Has a lot of stuff on logic driven writing so far for arguments.
  • Western Civilization History: HIST 102.  A little interesting.  The professor is kind of obnoxious and arrogant though.
  • Art.  Appreciation.  FUCK.  THAT.  SHIT.  Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate art, but I DON’T appreciate being told how.  It was the only gen ed class I could take from my late registration, and I am NOT HAPPY WITH IT.

So far, I have found the atmosphere relaxing and enjoyable.  Mostly it is the fact that I’m not being hounded every step of the way about everything.  I actually have freedom.  And… hey guess what?  I’m doing fine!  I guess my problem WASN’T that I didn’t like learning.  Which I always have.  It’s that I hate authority, and prefer to deal with others as equals.  I shouldn’t be told what to do by teachers, and I shouldn’t disturb the teacher.  The cut ups in class and the tyrannical school system both disgusted me, but those days are over.

I can visit my professors to talk with them, and we kinda just chat and talk about classes and stuff.  They aren’t ever so superior acting, and this allows me to be comfortable.  And I therefore accomplish more and cause less trouble.  I’m willing to bet my nuts most kids cut up as much as they do because of the fact that they’ve lived with bosses and authorities their whole lives.  It is the only expression of freedom they have, and they must even so be separate from others to express it.

When I was little, my parents never told me what to do.  What they did was say “here’s what you should do, and here’s why.”  Small children absorb everything they are told, so it is just as effective, but motivates them internally by giving them a reason over a pathetic external threat.  I do what I do because I want to.  The trick is to get your kids to want to do the right thing.  The reason temptation has always been considered evil is because most people are shown evil from the start as the way to go.  Hit that kid and make him shut up!

I guess my point is that in a world in which we raise our children properly, there would no longer be authority, or at least not unfounded or nagging authority.  To hound someone every step of the way wears them raw.  To hurt someone and threaten to do it again if they do it wrong teaches them to avoid being hit.  So what if you aren’t there to hit them?  You can’t keep someone in line effectively if you make it dependent on something outside them.  The solution is to make good pleasant, not a hard thing, that you better fucking do you sinner!

See my point?  There is a satisfaction is serving the greater collective.  The self is an artificial construct, and once you realize this, you can define it however you want.  It goes from being I am me and they are the others to we are the sentients.  So to serve the greater collective is to serve the self all the same, but a greater one than you and you alone.  As they say “you get out of life what you put in to it.”


straight up hdr for shizzle

December 15, 2008

Here’s one I came up with this morning: reality is to the mind as television is to the eyes.   Oh man, I know that shit was too deep for you.  Sucker.  Seriously though, ponder that.  You should read about the psychological registers of reality.

Yeah. Yeah. I’ve got this HDR under control. The test app is kinda hacked together, but that’s okay, when I add the option to the scene manager to turn HDR on/off, it will be much better. But there is a totally balling video (oh yeah, I said balling. I went there. Yep. Oh. Yes.) on ye grande olde intarwebs, and it may be enjoyed via eyeballs at the location below this text type symbol cluster. Hya!

There is a text line in the video (a bit blurred by compression sorry for quality) that should say when HDR is enabled and when it isn’t. It’s exaggerated for this example, but will be done in more moderation for a game. It shows non HDR first and at the very end so you can compare.

It really adds to the feeling of being extremely bright!  But, unlike in many games, to be truly convincing it must be used IN MODERATION.  I can’t stress this enough.  And while I bash over-use of bloom,  I might as well point out that not everything in the whole world is gloss shiny.  Especially not dirt.  Seriously, just because it’s a new graphics technique doesn’t mean you have to use it on everything.  The only one that counts for is multisampling.  That DOES make everything look better.