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aspergers + adhd = omg problems

December 17, 2008

That’s the second half of the puzzle!  I am definitely an Asperger’s according to my shrink.  I wasn’t told earlier because it might ‘disturb’ me.  This gives me the feeling that nobody knows anything about me, primarily because I have ALWAYS felt better knowing everything about everything.  Here I am wondering why I’m such a freak, then suddenly: “oh, well, you know, you’re like Asperger’s and stuff but we decided not to tell you a long time ago because it might make you feel bad.”  Ooooooh, well thanks for telling me in such direct and punctual fashion, jerks.

Right.  Last time I checked, ignorance is terror not bliss.  How do you think the Iraq and 9/11 coup worked so well?

Well, shucks, it looks like those ‘terrorists’ have attacked us.  No, don’t suspect us or anything.  No, those completely incriminating pictures can be explained away by *not* fabricated science.   Look at this will you?  It totally vaporized!  That explains why the ‘passports’ and ‘DNA evidence’ survived.  Hey, shut up.  Obviously we have to attack those, um, al-Qaeda fiends responsible.  Also, everything ever is linked to al-Qaeda, so let’s just bomb them all!  No, it has nothing to do with oil or world domination, don’t be ridiculous.  Pffft.

I’m thinking of putting a personality badge up everywhere, it’s somehow a comfortable way of communicating my strangeness.  The one produced by the tests at  I got “Logical, Musical, INTP, Engineer, Intellectual”.

So, as for the HDR demo, HDR won’t be officially implemented until the scene manager exists.  This was done using the raw utility available on my renderer class, and some shaders.

What’s next?  Probably D3D9 support, and a more flexible vertex buffer.  That is to say: I will allow them to select static or streamed mode (for now it is always static.)  I must quit for tonight, I’m dead tired.  I need to catch up on sleep, as my talk is at long last finally here!  THURSDAY WE WILL ROCK THE HOUSE WITH GEEKERY BITCH.  Other talks include the ongoing Othello networked game program, the Python scriptable AI of the Othello program, the new ZFS filesystem compared and contrasted with the EXT filesystem, and lastly, something about internet security design and issues.  Should all be cool and baller and awesome.

Until next time, I will tear the flesh from your bones bc I zombie4life bitches!!!11!!


straight up hdr for shizzle

December 15, 2008

Here’s one I came up with this morning: reality is to the mind as television is to the eyes.   Oh man, I know that shit was too deep for you.  Sucker.  Seriously though, ponder that.  You should read about the psychological registers of reality.

Yeah. Yeah. I’ve got this HDR under control. The test app is kinda hacked together, but that’s okay, when I add the option to the scene manager to turn HDR on/off, it will be much better. But there is a totally balling video (oh yeah, I said balling. I went there. Yep. Oh. Yes.) on ye grande olde intarwebs, and it may be enjoyed via eyeballs at the location below this text type symbol cluster. Hya!

There is a text line in the video (a bit blurred by compression sorry for quality) that should say when HDR is enabled and when it isn’t. It’s exaggerated for this example, but will be done in more moderation for a game. It shows non HDR first and at the very end so you can compare.

It really adds to the feeling of being extremely bright!  But, unlike in many games, to be truly convincing it must be used IN MODERATION.  I can’t stress this enough.  And while I bash over-use of bloom,  I might as well point out that not everything in the whole world is gloss shiny.  Especially not dirt.  Seriously, just because it’s a new graphics technique doesn’t mean you have to use it on everything.  The only one that counts for is multisampling.  That DOES make everything look better.